State-of-the-art CNC turning, milling, multi-spindle, multi-axis machinery, as well as secondary operations.

Through our diverse machining capabilities, Imperial Specialty can address different production specifications, volumes, large- and small-diameter work, as well as varying product tolerance requirements.

Our facility includes the latest equipment in CNC turning, milling, multi-spindle and multi-axis machining, including:

Machining processes include:

• Citizen Swiss Turning Center
• Yama Seiki CNC
• EMCO Maier CNC up to 3 axis
• Hydromat “VM-16”
• Hydromat Pro 20/10

• New Britain Multi-Spindle
• OmniTurn
• Davenport Multi-Spindle
• Brown & Sharpe up to 1 5/8″
• 30/60 Punch Presses

Other machining processes include:

• Stamping
• Drilling
• Grinding
• Knurling
• Milling

• Cross Drilling
• Bending
• Broaching
• Thread Rolling
• Tapping

Advanced production capabilities for boring and bending address requirements for more intricate screw machined parts such as valves, slides and shafts. By maintaining control over the entire production process, we ensure consistent quality from small- to high-volume production runs.

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